From London, to Singapore, and now Perth!

It all began in 2011 when Gabriel Asian Arts was founded in London.  We have always loved art and as we shared our private collection with family and friends when they visited our home, their positive comments encouraged us to extend this love of Oriental and South East Asian art to a larger audience in the UK.  The confluence of distinct Asian cultures, traditions and histories led to the creation of very captivating artworks that reflected, sometimes deliberately and other times unconsciously, the artistic and personal journeys of each artist.  The presence of these artworks in our gallery and also at art fairs generated much compliments from collectors and critics, further elevating the recognition of the high quality of art from the Far East.

The success in London led us to bring Gabriel Asian Arts to Singapore in 2017 where we added sculptures and ceramics by award-winning Singaporean artists to our collection.  In 2020, a family move to return to Perth set the scene for the final evolution of Gabriel Asian Arts to become Gabriel Contemporary Art – a gallery presenting contemporary artworks from Australia, Asia and around the world.

Gabriel Contemporary Art will be an art space for art aficionados to enjoy and satisfy curiosities about the unique compositional and artistic differences from local and international artists.  It will be a space to experience the power of beauty in diversity and creativity from an eclectic collection of art.

Finally, it is our privilege to have met many emerging and well-established artists who have provided us with an insight to the inspiration behind each of their unique pieces … and … it is now our joy to share their stories with you!