Aung Myint


Aung Myint was born in 1946 in Myanmar.  His formal education earned him a degree in Psychology in 1968, but it is his true love of art that propelled him to become one of Myanmar leading contemporary artist today.

A self-taught artist, Aung Myint defied the early years of governmental censorship and limitation of cultural life in Myanmar by persistently making art appreciation accessible to the ordinary folks through his contemporary paintings, installation and performance art.

Aung Myint combined the artistic circles and swirls of Myanmar alphabets with modern experimental art such as representational and abstract images, and later cubist elements, to further push the boundary of creativity.

His more recent monochromatic paintings of the Mother and Child series has won him further admiration from art aficionados.  His inspiration of this series is rooted on the admiration of the natural bonding of a mother cradling her child, and with one single flowing stroke, Aung Myint is able to convey this special bond of oneness.  This Mother and Child series has won him the ASEAN Art Award, and continues to attract further recognition by the larger community of art critics and collectors.

Aung Myint’s masterpieces can be found in the museums and State galleries of New York City, Singapore Japan and Malaysia, and also with private collectors around the world.