Barry Yeow


Born in 1967, Barry has a very inspiring story to share.

In his words:

“I was in and out of prison for many years and I began to feel that life was meaningless.  In 2011, I was given the opportunity to attend art classes while in prison.  I took a liking to it and since then, I ventured into the different forms of art including painting, sculpturing, pottery and batik.  I had a dream one night after I found my passion in art.  I dreamt I was in the front page of the newspaper with the headline, ‘From Syringe to Brush’.  This dream sparked a hope for my existence and my life took a turn from then.  I believe I was created to use my art for the Glory of my Creator.  I am certain that this dream will be fulfilled when I am released from prison.”

– Barry, Singapore, 2016

Since the day he was released from prison, Barry’s newfound motivation in life through his art and creativity, and his humility and generosity to help people who are in the same predicament as he was, have been well documented in the Singapore art and social scene. 

Through the lens of guilt, frustrations, emptiness, anger and hope, Barry created the Journeyscape series to share with art aficionados these tidal emotions he felt when he was in prison.  Barry continues to experiment with a myriad of medium and has created a good portfolio of artworks.  By far, his Journeyscape series has been most endearing for the quality and the story.

Barry held his first solo exhibition in 2016.