Chun Wee Ping


Born in 1972, Wee Ping’s journey of battling cancer and living life is an inspiration to many.

Wee Ping developed a keen interest in art since young.  In 1993, she was awarded the EDB-Takashimaya Scholarship to pursue her training in art and design in Japan.

After experimenting with different medium, Wee Ping finally found her love in watercolour.  Watercolour painting never fails to bring surprises to her.  She draws an analogy of trusting nature to take its course in her cancer journey to that of trusting the natural blending and flow of water and colour in her watercolour painting.  To her, every brush stroke of her art piece is a reflection of her triumphant fight over cancer, each and every day!

In her words:

“Every piece of artwork is a celebration of life.”

– Wee Ping, Singapore, 2018

Wee Ping is suffering from Stage 4 cancer and continues with her treatment.  This has not stopped her from continuing her passion to paint, to teach and to share her life experience, especially to those who are also on the same journey.  Outside of treatment and when she feels physically and emotionally  ready, Wee Ping wants to use art activities to encourage and share this message of hope.