Delphine Sng


Born 1960 in Singapore, Delphine’s carefree youth was filled by her own fascination with nature and art.  Even so, she went on to pursue a regular career in the corporate world, only to find her path back to the Arts.  Delphine took up intensive weekend pottery classes to escape the ennui of corporate life and exhibited here works as far as she could.  It was for her a total discovery of an inexplicable interest in clay.

When passion finally won over, Delphine made her move from corporate life to working with clay.  She enjoys doodling and dabbling with colours, oil painting from her early days.  Yet, the feel of wet clay, formless and waiting to take shape, to become something only the mind’s eye see – is where she found she could intuitively express her world of imaginings, wonder and fantasy which are constantly at play.  She found her own language in the way that she could express herself in clay, like lyrics in music.

Delphine was exposed to the intricacies of pottery under the tutelage of Singapore’s distinguished Master Potter Lim Kim Hui since from more than 10 years ago.  She was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence at the International Workshop for Ceramic Arts in Tokoname (IWCAT) in Japan in 2011, where she worked alongside a handful of potters selected from around the world.

Delphine finds creating lyrical forms out of a humble lump of clay and facing up to the ‘moments of truth’ when the works reveal themselves at the end of a process most intriguing.  She delights in the spontaneity of the moment and the unexpected outcomes, seeing the perfection in the imperfections.  Her work leans toward lyrical and sculpture forms and echo her musings with nature, taking inspiration from life’s journey and unusual encounters.

In her words:

“During the creative process, I am privileged to be able to see the infinite miracles in the work of Creation for its pure inspiration and in that the Creator does so perfectly; and to know that we can be part of this creative dynamism and make something beautiful of life, even out of merely earth.  Art is life’s one great teacher.”

– Delphine, Singapore, 2018

Delphine’s works have been exhibited extensively in Singapore, Taiwan and Belgium.  She has also provided commissioned works for collectors and contributed auctioned pieces for fund raising.