Dominic Rubio


Dominic Rubio, born 1970 in the Philippines, studied at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts where he majored in commercial arts.  Rubio’s first exhibition was dedicated to the painting of ethnic Filipinas in their roles as a child, a woman and a mother.

In 2006, the then unheralded Rubio, presented a solo exhibition that would make him internationally recognisable and respected as a contemporary artist of our time.  Rubio explored Philippine’s colonial past in his new compositions and added human figures rendered with long, thin, attenuated necks and round lollipop visages in their quaint attire and garb.  He explains that “holding one’s head high” is an important human trait and this collective pride will enable his people and country to hold its own in the community of nations.  Together with his exquisite workmanship, his new compositions became an instant hit with art lovers.

Today, Rubio continues to explore this latest composition using panoramic background of not just a typical Philippine environment, but also other Asian habitation.  For this, he travels widely to visualise and internalise the richness and diversity of the different Asian cultures which he then translates into his paintings.

Rubio has held several major exhibitions and his works are being extensively acquired in Asia, USA and Canada.