Fang Xiang


Fang Xiang, born 1967 in China, is a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and specialises in traditional Chinese painting.  Fang Xiang resides in Southern China, and it is there that he takes great inspiration from the energy, vibrancy and beauty of the region’s diverse hues and landscapes for his paintings and craftsmanship. He has achieved tremendous success in China and around the world with the exquisite details and colours in his paintings which capture the daily life of verdant villages with wooden homes and lattice windows; streams and distant mountains; plants and flora; cats, birds, ducks and roosters all co-existing in a most picturesque setting of tranquility.

Fang Xiang’s paintings mesmerises the viewer with a seeming chaos of colours but yet the sum of all these colours and the careful treatment of his subjects provide a calming and nostalgic effect of serene joy.  His composition inevitably draws the viewer into his paintings, creating a sensory stimulation of wanting to be at the scene of his paintings!

Today, Fang Xiang is regarded as a prodigy of the Chinese art world.  He has held many sold-out exhibitions around the world, and Chicago Magazine described his works “as being colorful, vibrant, exquisitely detailed, and unobtrusively populated by cats, birds, and chickens… this painted world inexorably attracts observers with its palpable serenity”.

Fang Xiang has successfully exhibited his works in USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and many parts of China.  His paintings continue to gain further prominence with Art Auction Houses and Fine Art collectors, and are displayed in major Art Museums across China, and also with the Thai Imperial Art Academy.