Joko Herli


Joko Herli, was born in 1980 in East Java Indonesia, and completed his High School education  in Lombok.  From a tender age, Joko’s passion has always been with the art, and through self-determination, observations, and trials and errors, he embarked on a journey as a self-taught artist to fulfil his dreams and share the philosophy of art with the world.

Joko’s motivation comes from his childhood experiences.  In the villages where he spent most of his formative years, Joko witnessed how farmers, men and women, assumed their different roles and responsibilities for their family and the larger community with pride, dignity and hope.   

Today, Joko expresses these experiences using symbolic visual forms with colours conjuring a sense of inner peace and balance.  This technique provides for an encompassing Zen feel, accompanied by broad strokes of varying intensity that not only resonates harmony but also resolve.

In Joko’s own words:

“The subject that I would like to convey always comes from the reality of my daily life and my immediate emotions.  It is like a flash, a moment where my desire to create has to be expressed visually.  To create this spontaneous line can be challenging, and it is really just a moment that I cannot miss.  That moment will give life to form that you witness in my art.”

– Joko Herli

Joko has held several group exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.