Le Thanh Son


Le Thanh Son, born 1962 in Vietnam, started painting at a tender age of only 6.  He later studied and graduated from the Hanoi College of Drama and Cinematography.  In 1990, Son won the First Prize Competition for Hanoi Young Artists organised by the Hanoi Fine Art Association, and that success propelled Son’s unique impressionist style painting to greater adoration by art critics and collectors, both in Vietnam and overseas.

Son loves the Vietnamese landscape and often paints these landscapes with intense passion and detail, interspersing them with women in Ao Dai (flowing white national dress) walking or riding their bicycles and street vendors going about their daily business.  His compositions are often created out of a romantic reminiscence of the simple way of village life in and around Hanoi.  His signature painting technique is the artful manipulation of sunlight filtering through the trees’ canopy, creating extremely lifelike shadows. Together with the exploitation of rain, water and river to accentuate reflections and realism in his paintings, Son is unmistakably distinguishable from the ordinary artist.  He is truly a leading artist in Vietnam for his unique artistic approach and quality.

Son has held exhibitions in the UK, Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and his homeland, Vietnam.  His painting continues to attract attention and esteem in artistic circles for the simple yet profound appeal of sincerity and joyous celebration of his homeland.