Michael Tan


Michael Tan was born in 1955 in Malaysia.  From an early age, Michael has found joy and satisfaction going into the Malay kampongs to sketch and interact with the rural folks.  Without the opportunity to be formally trained in any art establishments, Michael relied on his gifted talent and self-determination to pursue his love of painting. 

Michael has such fond memories of the Malay kampongs that he dedicated his paintings to capturing the warmth and harmony of the kampong life.  Michael loves the semi-abstract, particularly with surrealism.  He is fascinated with clouds and began painting ‘Angelic Clouds’ as a signature for his outdoor compositions.   This technique, together with the generous use of colours and the painstakingly incorporated details, has today become so unique and distinguishable as Michael’s. 

In Michael’s own words:

“The kampong is a happy place.  It is a community of love, respect, industry and looking out for one another.  I hope my paintings can remind Malaysians of all generations of our shared culture and traditions, and I wish to show my foreign friends the beauty of my country.”

– Michael Tan, Singapore, 6 Aug 2013

Michael has successfully exhibited his works in Malaysia, Singapore, London, India and USA. Touted as the Asian Botero, Michael’s artworks are extensively collected by art aficionados.