Shi Jing


Shi Jing was born in 1964 in Beijing and began to study painting at a very tender age.  The foundation of his techniques could be largely attributed to his working and learning experiences at the Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Painting (RITCP).

Shi Jing’s uses modern western painting approaches and traditional ink with heavy tint rendering to indulge his audience with a highly distinctive oriental-flavoured composition of dainty ladies attired in traditional Chinese clothing and Qipao, set against a traditional Chinese courtyard environment, seemingly deep in thought and reflection.  He further accentuates the beauty of his compositions by exploiting the colours of the seasonal plants and flowers found in the Beijing courtyards.

Shi Jing’s art is distinguishable and very well received by art collectors.  He has successively held a number of solo and group exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.