Soe Soe


Soe Soe was born in 1967 in Myammar and his artistic talent was clearly evident as a young boy.  Growing up in a family dedicated to music and traditional dance, Soe quickly became very competent, dedicated and committed to his artwork.  By the time he turned 41, he had held many exhibitions around the world including Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Washington D.C.

Soe’s paintings typically capture the vibrancy of sunlight dappling the beautiful rice fields of the Northern Shan State in Myanmar.  He approaches his work with a tremendous amount of creative energy and detail.  The key is in his ability to galvanise basic elements of colour and design, and transforming them into the brilliant visual effects using hypodermic syringe techniques to enhance the three-dimensional quality of his paintings.  Looking at his works, you cannot help but feel transported to the hills in Myanmar – staring in awe at nature itself rather than a piece of art.

Soe’s art is sincere and captivating.  These traits are easily identifiable as Soe’s trademarks and because of this, his paintings continue to be well sought after by international collectors.