Tjokorda Wiratmaja


Tjokorda Wiratmaja, otherwise known as Coky, was born in 1984 in Ubud, Bali Indonesia.  Coky’s interest in art was clearly evident from young, largely motivated and nourished by the environment he lived in – his mother was a traditional dancer, his father’s hobby was to paint, and the community at large was very much into painting and craftsmanship.  Coky studied art in High School, and later graduated with a Master degree in Fine Art from the Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Coky paints with intense emotion, leveraging on colour and textures to represent elements of these feelings. 

In his words:

“The world is constantly moving and everything is transient.  This motion is artistically fascinating and beautiful as one experience the physical change of form and colour, as well as the emotional change of expression resulting from this movement.  I wish for my paintings to bear testimony and to capture the essence of such a motion.”

– Tjokorda, Jakarta, 2015

Coky has held several group exhibitions in Indonesia and Singapore.  In 2015, he was a finalist at both the Gudang Garam Indonesia Art Award and the UOB Indonesia Painting of the Year 2015 Competition with his paintings prominently exhibited at both events.