Vu Cong Dien


Vu Cong Dien, born 1975 in Vietnam, is a graduate of the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2005.  In this short span of time, Dien’s works have already been highly regarded for his meticulous approach and the manner in which he seamlessly blends nature and the human family to form the perfect balance.  He has successfully exhibited his works internationally including UK, Europe, UAE, Japan, Hong Kong, and continues to be in high demand by private collectors and galleries globally.

Dien grew up in the Quang Ninh province – a mountainous region with abundant land, forest and water.  This experience contributed to and shaped Dien’s visualisation and aesthetic sense in his paintings.  His hallmark representations of quiet and peaceful landscapes that are often accompanied by the visual play on colours of the four seasons in transition are now internationally recognised as quintessentially Dien’s.

In Dien’s own words:

“I ran towards Nature as if I was looking for a serene harbour in which my mind could roam in boundless grasslands and hilly slopes that stretch to the horizon.  I move sluggishly in the Nature’s Zen realm where I could apparently immerse myself in an ocean of feelings and emotions to taste them piecemeal and then express them in my painting.  One day, I suddenly realised that the creator had borne men with all the living creatures, flowers and vegetation to ultimately integrate them into one entity.”

– Vu Cong Dien, Hanoi, 16 July 2008