Vu Dinh Son


Vu Dinh Son, born 1970 in Tien Giang in the Mekong Delta area of Southern Vietnam, is a graduate of the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University in 1998.  Having spent a large part of his childhood in the Mekong Delta area, Son chooses to express his artwork through the lenses of simplicity and childhood memories.  He adores the countryside lifestyle around the Mekong River and shares these emotions with his audience through subjects of family, nature and the interaction between the two in most, if not all of his paintings.

Son is an expressionist artist who prides himself with high standards of craftsmanship and creativity.  He has participated widely in both solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam, USA, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong, and continues to explore opportunities to share his artworks with the rest of the world.

In Son’s own words:

“I always want to deliver a message of STILL FEELING and CONNECTION in every painting.”

– Vu Dinh Son, Ho Chi Minh City, 28 Nov 2012